Welcome to my psychotherapy practice

I am here to help you explore the mind/body/heart connection as we address the challenges you are facing in your life. Rather than searching "out there" for direction and answers, I will guide you to go inward, quiet the internal chatter, and listen. We will practice relaxation techniques which will help you get in touch with your inner wisdom. Gradually, you will begin to transform fear, stress, and worry into clarity, hope, and healing.

The following principles will guide you:
        ~ Calm Your Mind and Nourish Your Soul
        ~ Acknowledge the Present Moment
        ~ Take Time to Say Goodbye to Life as it Was 
        ~ Trust the Process and Your Inner Wisdom to Guide You 
        ~ Allow Life to Unfold, Making Space for Meaning and   
            Purpose to Emerge

You will learn more about the practical application of these principles through our work together. 

Books, CDs, and YouTube

Self-Help Book

A collection of narratives and practical suggestions

Relaxation CDs

Designed to help you relax and discover a place of peace within